Clean Air

Smoke-Free Training

Foundations for a Successful Smoke-Free Policy

A Training for People who Work in Public Housing

This training is meant for new and existing staff including property managers, maintenance workers, and resident service providers.

The training takes about 15 minutes to complete and provides a basic understanding of the rationale and best practices for smoke-free housing, as well as your PHA’s smoke-free policy.

Staff training is an essential part of a successful smoke-free policy and will help ensure that all residents, guests, and staff are able to fully realize the benefits of a smoke-free policy.


Provide a copy of your agency’s smoke-free policy or policy summary and require new employees to complete the training. If your existing employees are untrained or need a refresher on smoke-free housing, require all employees to complete the training. When an employee completes the training, review the questions together with special attention to the section titled “Your Agency’s Smoke-Free Policy” to make sure the employee understands the policy details and enforcement protocol. Employees will receive a printable certificate upon completion.

QUESTIONS For additional smoke-free housing support, resources, and tools visit Clean Air for All at or contact us at or 651-646-3005 ext. 301.